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SLOW loading

July 30th 2009 23:25
Every page on orble has a super slow load time. No matter if I'm going to the home page, my profile, various blogs etc. Just thought I'd bring that up in case others are experiencing the same issue. I almost hate to log on because I know it'll take forever to save/publish posts, read other posts, and make comments.

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Comment by Morgan Bell

July 31st 2009 08:12
i have not noticed any problems with loading lately, is it just a recent thing for you?

sometimes if you clear your cache (browsing history) it can make your internet work faster

your ISP may have throttled your connection from excessive use? but if so it would affect all web-pages and not just orble

just throwing a few suggestions out there . . .

Comment by Whitney

August 3rd 2009 20:16
It's always been slow. Just getting slower and slower. It's slow on all home computers and laptops, and all work computers I've tried.

I've found it slower on the mac I use at work than on the PC's I've used, but still super slow.

Comment by Fremen

August 6th 2009 05:43
That's weird. The only thing that's slower than usual for me are the domain blogs.

Everything else on Orble works fine.

Comment by Matt Shea

August 14th 2009 06:34
Yeah, I've got to agree with this: the Orble pages are very slow to load. It's not an absolute killer but does make sifting through the site and making posts/comments more laborious than it should be. I'm wondering if the servers are in the US, perhaps?

Comment by Whitney

August 14th 2009 12:53
I'll agree the domain blogs seem slower, but I've ran across many orble blogs tat are still super slow.

I've found uploading pictures is bad, too. Really slow using a Mac. As is posting comments.

Maybe that's it. Maybe it's because I'm using a mac. I don't think it's quite as slow at home on my PC.

Has anyone tested that theory?

Comment by Jarrah

August 28th 2009 09:30
Yes I agree 100%

If you don't notice, then you probably don't use the web much or you're just patient.

I have ADSL2 here and at work and I've used it on many different PC's and Mac's and this is one of the slowest sites on the web!

It has nothing to do with hosting in the US, as 2 of my sites and half of the world is hosted in the US!

If anything, it is hosted here in Oz and its a crap server.

Time to upgrade HOSTS or SERVERS because this site is becoming a freakin nightmare to use, especially uploading.

It was alweays slow, but now its worse than ever.

Comment by Joyce DeNoon

September 1st 2009 16:17
Wow, I feel like I have dial-up again! This site is terribly slow and its very frustrating trying to do anything here. It literally is taking 45 seconds for EVERY page to load.

Comment by Fremen

September 1st 2009 18:12 actually took me 35 seconds to log into this page.

That's much more than yesterday.

What's going on?

Comment by Morgan Bell

September 2nd 2009 01:12
most Orble pages take 5-10 seconds for me, its about the same with MySpace or Facebook or Twitter

If you don't notice, then you probably don't use the web much or you're just patient.

ive got the net on all day, i use broadband wifi in a regional (non-metro) area and use a four year old computer, i dont think Orble is much slower than any other site with pictures or long pages

Comment by Matt Shea

September 2nd 2009 03:26
Yeah, they tend to take quite a bit longer for me Morgan, and the rest of my net stuff is generally much quicker. Strange that some people are affected and others aren't.

Jarrah - the reason I say the servers could be in the US is that Australian companies looking for a stronger web presence often sign-up with US providers, therefore having their content hosted on American servers. Unfortunately, the amount of traffic on these servers can sometimes slow things down and the tyranny of distance can make it tricky to have the problem resolved.

Comment by Jarrah

September 2nd 2009 09:42
I didn't say it wasn't hosted in the US, most sites are hosted off-shore, I'm saying it doesn't make a difference to speeds. 90% of the servers in North America and faster than anything we have anyway, a US server would be preferable.

Like I said, I have a site hosted in Canada and its 100 times faster than this, global positioning makes little difference unless you're on a dial-up network.

It looks like the majority here are saying its slower.

I've tried different browsers and different connections, it certainly looks like most are experiencing it.

I'm in Melbourne if that adds another stat, though it shouldn't matter...

Comment by Morgan Bell

September 2nd 2009 09:50
oh as for browser im using Firefox, operating system Windows XP, location 90min north of Sydney

i accept that many people are finding it slow, i just dont understand which variable is causing it to act like that for some and not others

even when i use Orble on my phone its not that bad loading and im just using a Nokia E17 and Optus data

Comment by Joyce DeNoon

September 2nd 2009 13:45
I guess the speed of this site is all relative to individual users. All I know is that almost every site on the web loads instantaneously for me. It seems to make no difference how busy the site is or how loaded the page is with video and animated graphics, etc. Instant loading. I've tried Explorer and Firefox and I get the same results with both. Extremely slow loading of all pages here at Orble. Some family members have complained to me that when trying to view my blog and blogs of other members, they just gave up because of the crawling slowness of the site. I'm new here and just wanted to know if this is typical of this site, or if it's a new thing that may involve a bug.

Comment by Jarrah

September 3rd 2009 08:55
I agree and concur with all you just said Joyce.

There's obviously something thats not up to scratch.

Comment by Helen Randell

September 6th 2009 23:20
I absolutely agree - the pages are very slow to load, and it takes forever to leave a comment. I have wondered if I maybe need to delete some old posts and photos - but I would really rather not.

Comment by Randy Inman

September 27th 2009 15:05
Slow loading is the biggest reason I no longer post on one domain blog, and am about to give up the other one.

Comment by Jarrah

September 28th 2009 08:36
Yeah, I've had about enough myself, I only have a very sparse amount of free time as it is...this aint 1998.

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