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Abolishing Karma Points and a Random Post Home Page Selection. Your Thoughts Please.

April 30th 2009 11:01
Hi everyone.

I want to run an idea by you all and get some feedback. I mentioned it on Mr Nice Guy's post and a few people seemed to like the idea so I thought I'd throw it into the ring to see what everyone, including Jon, thinks about it.

I think the whole karma points system should be completely scrapped. It no longer serves the purpose it was originally intended for, which was to encourage readers to comment on other people's posts. I don't think Orble has any problems with people commenting now and I don't think it is a good or fair reward system. It can actually have a detrimental effect.

I think it would be better, and fairer, to have one point per person per post. It would make the home page and top posts a much fairer playing field, especially for newer members or those that have readership outside of the Orble member network. It would also stop a lot of the flamed posts getting on the most popular list and taking up the home page space where outside readers have no idea what is going on and are turning away.

But another idea that I had that I thought would really give everyone a fair deal whether you've written here from the beginning of Orble or joined last week would be to remove the 'popular posts' being on the home page and have a system whereby each day random posts are highlighted. If people wish to help a blog become popular they can Stumble it, Digg it or whatever other mechanisms are out there that draw external readers.

This is a way for the network to genuinely move forward and bring in more readers rather than be so insular. Also it would give the more seasoned, and the noobs, an equal chance at being read. Perhaps we could still keep a popular post list but just have a link to it on the home page while cycling the random posts.

I'd be genuinely interested in getting opinions on whether you agree if both of these ideas have merit.

I'll be away from the computer until Monday so if you post a comment and I don't answer straight away, it is only because I'm away for a long weekend.

And can I just ask one thing please? Even if you don't agree can we please keep the discussion civil.

Cheers all.

Cheryl J

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Comment by techman

May 1st 2009 01:54
that sounds like a great idea you have my support

Comment by Mountain Fog

May 1st 2009 07:55
the idea has some merit,
but, as the Admin sets the popular post record, and it does not necessarily reflect actual popularity, (as MNG's recent post illustrates, having the most karma points but did not appear on the list yesterday) I wonder whether the Admin has the time, or inclination, to do anything about it.

The site, I must admit, is evolving, or is that devolving, into a cesspool of slander, which greatly detracts from the attractiveness in participating on the site.

If it was possible, I would like to see the popular posts in columns, one for each genre, so it isn't overtaken by film reviews (the excellent and the moronic) and games reviews etc.

A top line header, along the top of the Orble home page, could show the most popular at the moment (time stamped), in its particular genre, eg film review, then click on it and a drop down list appears of the other film reviews in order of popularity, same then for the other genres.

However, as I have asked for a separate section for humorous writing, but I was told that was not possible, maybe Admin will regard this as too much too...



P.S. The drop down lists should have all the blogs listed, in order of popuarity of the day, then after the top ten (or twenty), they are listed in order of date they joined the site...

Comment by Morgan Bell

May 1st 2009 17:11
I don't think Orble has any problems with people commenting now

yes infact some people you just cant STOP from commenting . . . i had to turn my blog to Verify Comments because of Orbles resident serial pest, hes had his account removed FOUR TIMES now but still insists on harassing people

i wouldnt mind a single point karma system where everyone was on an equal playing field

i also like Fogs idea of the multi-column popular lists, sorted by genre

ive also thought there should be a time delay on posts appearing in popular lists so abusive posts dont automatically appear on homepage . . . admin should be vetting posts before they appear in the popular list rather than removing them after they have caused a problem

i like the idea of spotlighting well written/researched posts or new writers, or having a "hot topic of the day" and grouping articles together concerning similar affairs

Comment by Jarrah

May 1st 2009 23:35
I vote 100% for a single point system, I think it is becoming a negative thing and Orble numbers are not growing as they should.

Comment by Cheryl J

May 4th 2009 05:57
Thanks for the replies guys. Morgan and Fog, although I think your ideas are good ones they may be quite complicated which would make implementing them difficult. I just want to simplify things a bit and bring some fairness back hence the getting rid of karma points and showing random posts on the home page.

I'm not sure that admin would be able to vet posts before they get to the home page with the system that is currently in place - it would mean monitoring the site 24/7. It currently automatically gets placed by sheer number of points.

I'd just like to see a fairer voting system or get rid of voting altogether.

The reason Mr Nice Guy's post didn't stay on the Most Popular list even though he had the highest number of votes was because Admin removes anything from the homepage that is to do with Orble itself as outside readers wouldn't know what anyone was talking about. It's a bit sad that it didn't stay there for longer though because it seemed to make people sit up and take notice that there were some pretty awful things happening and may have drawn attention to the fact that we can all take personal responsibility with what we allow on our blogs.

Comment by Wilson Pon

May 4th 2009 06:42

I liked your thoughts, as I think it would be much better than the recently style (Sorry, Jon and Charles, I have no offense but I only speaking out my opinion here). The only issue is, would this method really bring more outside visitors to Orble Network? Maybe time will tell, Cheryl...

Comment by Janet Collins

May 4th 2009 06:56

I have never really had any serious thoughts on the Karma point system but I understood that these points were also an incentive for writers to write regularly - that is, if you stop for a while your Karma points go down.

In that way I don't feel strongly for or against the points but as Fog said (even though MNG's case was a special one) I often see no bearing on the voting points and how quickly a post goes to the popular list or moves up it. I came to the conclusion that it was purely based on traffic (and the points were just to make us feel good

I did think the Karma system was a bit strange in that anyone can climb to 10 pretty fast and then stop and I guess this encourages me to go to new writers posts often. I have never really been sure if a lot of readers actually go on to Orble's home page or are most of them known to the writers on here and come through their blogs.

If you think it would be fairer, then I am all for it and I have no problem with the popular post list dropping off the home page. That is a list that is more internal than anything I would think.

Sorry if I am a big vague or wishy washy about these ideas. They do have merit. It's just that I don't have really strong opinions on those things.

Thanks for going to the trouble to put the proposals together. I know you always have the writers' best interests at heart.



Comment by Cheryl J

May 4th 2009 07:52
Hmmm, good point. Maybe it isn't karma that determines a 'popular post' but hits. I've had posts hit the most popular list that didn't have a huge number of hits but a reasonably high number of points from other Orblers commenting. Does anyone know one way or another?

I'm really not sure how many readers outside the network go to the home page so I can't say for sure if it absolutely affects readership, I'm just going by personal experience. If I read something that is attached to a network I'll often hit the 'home' button if there is one to see what else there is. Plus, I'm going by what a few of my outside readers emailed me about - that they found it off-putting seeing flame wars that they didn't understand and they just moved on instead of exploring other blogs.

Jon, are you able to explain to us how the Most Popular selection works just so we get a better handle on it?

Keep the comments coming guys, this is what I was hoping for - looking at the way it all works.

I'm still of a mind that one point per person per post is the fairest but I may be wrong about the way it all works.

Comment by Jason King

May 4th 2009 07:56
I am pretty much behind the idea 100% CJ.
I like the idea of people who are not members being able to contribute to your score. So one point for anyone that visits - maybe when an Orbler visits you get 5 or the current 10. This way people from Orble are still encouraged to read others' work etc.
I do like the Popular Orble Post - but wish it was done correctly, I never knew it wasn't accurate and was selected but I do assume this for the discretion of the owners to promote what they like - I have to admit to being a child and getting a thrill when one of my articles makes the top list - it's a small sense of accomplishment.
On another site I have used in the past - you get a daily email sent out to you of new blogs and a brief explanation - this way you can sign up to your interests and this daily also lists the top 10 for that site. That site has a similar kharma listing but it's based solely on comments received - ie if you get 30 comments you have 30 points. I don't actually think it listed points - maybe just comments received but at the bottom of the page it tells you how many people have visited that article.

Comment by Natalina

May 5th 2009 01:45

As I commented on MNG's post, I am behind this idea all the way. I think a big overhaul is definitely in order.

Clearly the Popular Posts is based on Karma not hits. This is evidenced by the fact that one of my posts can go into the popular list right away simply by having 4 Orble posters comment on it. There would have been no time for outside readers to flock to it and generate hits. However, I have seen posts pulled from the Popular Blogs list for no reason. And they've had nothing to do with the inner workings of Orble. This has always confused me, and leads me to believe that there are other politics involved in determining the placement on the home page.

The Karma system is no longer effective. I would love for my outside readers to feel that their comments or votes are just as valuable as those of Orble writers.

An example would be a post I wrote recently that drew a large number of readers from outside of Orble. They were clicking on the vote button like crazy, but it did nothing to push the post into the popular list, because other writers with a larger Orble following were getting 10 points at a time.

I do however understand the desire to reward popular Orble bloggers in some way. I just think that it should be more based on actual readers, not people who are popular within this community.

One thing I've thought would be a good idea is to make commenting for non Orblers much more user friendly. I've had problems with receiving or maintaining comments from some of my readers for unknown reasons (which I addressed in a previous Writer's Forum post HERE.)

Why not make the comment section similar to other blogging sites which makes it simple to leave your comment without jumping through hoops?

In general, I believe that Orble could benefit greatly from becoming more user friendly to the non-Orble readers. Revamping or scrapping the Karma system would be a great start!

Comment by Cheryl J

May 5th 2009 06:41
Thanks all for the great feedback. Hopefully once a few more people have had a chance to put their views forward I'll bring it to Jon's attention so he can weigh up opinions.

Jason and Janet, I do understand the thrill of getting high votes, we all love to get them as everyone likes to know that they are appreciated. Maybe a two for one system could work. One point for anyone who comments or votes and and two points for those that are Orble community members. I'm just throwing ideas out into the ether here.

Lots of blog sites I've visited have a system in place where you need to put a name (and it can be anything so you can stay anonymous) but you need to put in an email address to comment. The email address is always kept private but I think it would also maybe be a slight deterrent for trolls and those that are just there to cause problems..

I'm not sure about votes from outside the network and how they work. Like you Natalina I've had people say they've clicked the vote button with no vote recorded and other times they have been recorded. This is one of the reasons I'd like the points and voting system reviewed because it seems inconsistent.

I would really love to be able to draw readers from all over the place to the network as we are an insular little place sometimes. Not that I don't enjoy comments form other Orblers - I love it. I just don't much like the idea of karma points. It can shoot people up the list and leave some very deserving posts off because they might not be very well known yet and it's hard to get noticed.

Natalina, I'm going over to check your forum post because I have had similar things happening where people have been unable to comment or their comments have vanished without me ever seeing them and I don't know why they were removed as I know they were definitely not spam or offensive.

Comment by Mountain Fog

May 6th 2009 06:55
Thanks for the replies guys. Morgan and Fog, although I think your ideas are good ones they may be quite complicated which would make implementing them difficult.

I admit I am no genius when it comes to computers or setting sites up, however, to counter your blanket dismissal of my idea, (and on behalf of Morgan too), I suggest it should not be a difficult matter at all.

there already exists an automated form of a drop down list, and as for genres, when you post under a specific genre (category), it automatically lists your post, which already happens you may have noticed in the current system...? Rather than most popular, it should be timed stamped, and listed accordingly.

Frankly, all it would take, I believe, is for the company to allot funds for the man power to set the site up so it runs more easily, effectively and actually looks more inviting and attractive.

Creating a drop down list under genres would also eliminate posts getting buried by numerous review posts, games posts etc.

We already have the picture ID arrangement for our posts on our individual blgos, and categories, so that would not be a problem either, I wouldn't think.

As I said, it is up to the company to allot time and money to fix the site.



Comment by Cheryl J

May 6th 2009 09:34
Sorry Fog, I didn't mean to sound dismissive, it sounds like a great idea. It seems though that often when we put forward ideas Jon dismisses them to go in the too hard basket. That was why I was thinking along the lines of baby steps. If we can implement the small changes and they work we may have more chance of the bigger improvements happening in the long run.

There are so many ways to improve the network and I really like your ideas, as I'm sure others do. I'm just hoping to start the ball rolling with things Jon could quite easily implement. If things then improve, which I think they would, he would be more inclined to look at the things that take a little more time and effort to do because there would be measurable outcomes. I'm sorry you took offence, that wasn't my intent.

Comment by Miswanderlust

May 8th 2009 03:39
Great idea. I am THAT absent minded reader who sometimes forgets to sign in and is anonymous. Then I feel like crap for not helping others with the Karma points as (I do try to follow the Orble and lbog etiquette).

The bottom line is. Folks are going to read our blogs or not. I know that some of our blogs may have been bookmarked on, or appear on Technorati and some of of our posts have been digged, furled or saved.

I don't think I have ever clicked on the "Orble popular blog" link. I look around on my friends blogs and click on comments to find "new" and "interesting" authors/blogs. I have enjoyed many diverse posts and authors this way.

Thanks Cheryl for taking the time to create this post. I like the idea of a single weighted system.


Comment by Cheryl J

May 8th 2009 06:41
Thanks Mis for taking the time to comment. I too try and find things other people have commented on to see if I can find something new and interesting, that's why I thought a random selection on the home page might be good. If they change every day, more posts might get seen that normally might not have a chance to be seen.

Comment by Mountain Fog

May 8th 2009 08:58
no offence taken Cheryl, and thankyou for your considerate courtesy, somewhat unusual, and lacking, on Orble of late I see...



Comment by Cibbuano

May 13th 2009 00:12
Cheryl, I think your idea has merits...

...originally, the karma system was created because it was extremely easy to game the popular posts list.. users were creating multiple accounts and voting themselves up.

Of course, it's still happening... can you think a better way of doing this? By IP address?

Comment by jon

May 13th 2009 01:14
IP address is already taken into account with voting.

The popular list is based on the number of votes a post has divided by its age in days. Some posts are removed manually if they are about Orble or violate some other rule such as mature content.

I think we do need some way of ordering posts for the homepage.

Many posts of varying quality are published every day and if we simply used random selection the quality of the posts displayed would be worse, despite the limitations of the current system.

I don't think anyone would suggest an editor-rated system so there does need to be some kind of user-generated scoring.

Giving everyone equal Karma would reduce the motivation for people to contribute to the community, which I think is still important no matter how big Orble gets. Without this system I think the commenting would probably become even more insular and may even have the opposite effect on the popular lists to the one you are looking for.

Comments from outsiders do contribute 1 vote to a post.

We did trial a category system for the homepage, but no-one clicked on anything, preferring to use the main popular listings.

Concentrating on the Orble homepage is a bit misleading anyway. It does generate some traffic and is important to the community, however the main game (in terms of traffic) is still the search engines and the main contribution of the Orble network is helping blogs to get lots of SE traffic. The homepage is just an added extra.

Thanks for the ideas everyone, keep them coming. Sorry if I don't always get around to replying to detail straight away.

Comment by Mountain Fog

May 15th 2009 09:59
I was thinking of a category list that had an image of the top post as the cover for the drop down list. The side list of titles seems not too attractive for folks.

Comment by Bryn

May 21st 2009 00:44
I like the idea Cheryl, but I also agree with Jon about random post quality.

I have issues about my own traffic stats, however at the end of the day I'm not too fussed about whether my post ends on the Orble hit parade (you liar Bryn!), anyway I have a fair few subscribers and its those loyal readers that count most.

I don't know much about Stumbe or Digg ... I need to know more.

Comment by Physiotherapy

May 25th 2009 06:50
I think the idea is great. It gives exposure to others.

Comment by Cheryl J

May 25th 2009 10:34
I don't think there would be a simple way of stopping people making multiple identities and voting themselves up. When you get into having to check IP addresses I think it is just technically too much hard work. I guess that's why I thought equal points would level the playing field.

Maybe the randomised posts would lead to poorer quality but I've seen some amazingly bad posts on the most popular list because other Orble members with high karma points are commenting - friends and such. It doesn't really reflect that it's good quailty.

I can see that there are many sides to this. it's not just a two-dimensional thing but I think it would help expose newer writers and prevent popular post being there simply because other Orblers are commenting.

Stumbleupon, Digg and all of the other bookmarking sites are great and a wonderful way of finding new sites that interest you specifically. I would recommend everyone looking into them. If you get Stumbled for example, it can give massive exposure to your blog.

Comment by Ye-Ha

May 26th 2009 01:39
Yes! The system needs to be fixed.

Keep popular posts (not random ones) and let every comment or vote count as one vote.

Maybe just have one random post of the day?

Popular posts should get more attention because they are well thought out and well written and bloggers should not get penalized or rewarded based on whether comments come from within the Orble community or not.

Furthermore, I am interested in reading the truly popular posts.

I'd LOVE to see how the popularity ranking change!

Comment by Cheryl J

May 26th 2009 09:42
I would be interested to see the popularity rankings based on an equal system too. I have no doubt most of the people who are most popular now would remain so but I think a few that are really popular outside the network would also feature more and that would be great.

It's not a matter of trying to take away rankings of people who are popular - most are there deservedly - but I'd love to see the 'popular outside of the network' people climb up the ranking too.

For example on today's stats, these were the top 20

1) 21777 charles
2) 9501 Ian
3) 6594 Cibbuano
4) 5945 ZPages
5) 5564 Jack
6) 2882 MelissaA
7) 2820 Arnold
8) 2717 Tyronne
9) 2196 Aimzster
10) 2154 Harry
11) 1830 Oracle of Delphi
12) 1740 Evenard M. Panes
13) 1707 Blighty
14) 1510 JohnDoe
15) 1505 KC Hill
16) 1420 Whitney
17) 1389 Morgan Bell
18) 1371 Dexter
19) 1352 Bryn
20) 1333 Scarlett

Yet many of these blogs never seem to make it on to the most popular list. Some do of course. I just think that there are lots of Orblers who have lots of outside readers and I'd like to see a true reflection of the popular blogs.

Comment by Morgan Bell

May 27th 2009 13:47
ive never even heard of some of those people

and i notice all of the stirrers and attention seekers are not on the list, must be a much truer reflection of readership than the daily karma system

actually i find now that the community is so segmented and factioned it really only takes one or two comments to boost a mediocre post half way up the homepage popularity list

Comment by Robert Bruce

June 22nd 2009 04:22
Forgive me if I seem to speak out of turn but previous on writing sites where points are given for comments and hits leads me to believe there is no level playing field. If there is just one point given for either outside hit or read by another orbler you will always get a few who chase brownie points. You can't stop that at all, others have tried.
If points are given, then one point per hit/read/ orbler comment .
Popularity is fake and should be discontinued. Random feature each day and give everyone a chance. I know that the quality may deteriorate, then, it may not. You asked for opinions so i put forward my tuppence worth.

Comment by Ye-Ha

June 22nd 2009 04:37
So, you seem to have a popular response to leveling the playing field. When do you expect to make the change?

Not only will this level the field, but I'll be directed to read the better posts rather than the ones buoyed up by their orble friends.....

Comment by Robert Bruce

June 22nd 2009 05:28
My aim is the same as yours Ye-Ha, to read and enjoy the better blogs. At the moment I am just coasting along and testing the waters. I would like to read genuine opinions poems stories or whatever and be directed by a reasonably level playing field right from the start.
When will the change come about?
What exactly will be the changes?

I shall wait and see.

Comment by Morgan Bell

June 22nd 2009 07:51
some writing communities actually appoint moderators for each channel who select the spotlight posts based on (subjective) quality

that way the writing (as in creative writing) Orb or mini-Orb or whatever they are calling it, could highlight posts from within

but how often does anyone use the channels?

Comment by Elisabeth Fraser

June 24th 2009 05:52
A possible way of keeping the points is to have the numbers 1 - 5. So 1 would equal 'poor' through to 5 equalling 'excellent'.

Incentive scheme?

I'm a poor beginning blogger, but it could spur me on to better writing.

Also you could give a helping hand to new bloggers by handing out a 3 or 4 for encouragement until they find their feet.


Comment by Cheryl J

July 4th 2009 10:53
Sorry I haven't responded sooner but I was sick and then away on holiday.

Robert Bruce, I agree with it not being a level playing field that's the major reason I wanted the points either level or gone. I would much rather see posts that are popular from hits not points.

Ye-Ha, I have no control over whether or not this would ever be implemented. I'm just another writer here and have no part of the admin system. I just wrote this post to gauge opinion on whether or not my ideas had merit and if people agreed or disagreed.

Morgan, I rarely use channels. I'm not sure about others. Moderators are an interesting idea.

Lis, I hope you don't mind me calling you that, I've seen some of your comments and you seem to prefer it That's also a great idea but once again one that could be cranked up by friends but then again so can clicks. I like it as a critique tool as it would give writers an idea on how low or high the quality of their writing is to help with improving it however, I could see that being abused by people being mean-spirited to those whose views don't mirror their own.

So far how do you think we've gone in the debate? Do you think more people are for changing the karma system than against it? It looks to me that people are divided over the randomised posts but many like the idea of level points or no points. Have I read it right?

Comment by Elisabeth Fraser

July 5th 2009 00:32
I was surprised to find you could 'vote' an item without reading it first. I think the 'vote' box should be at the end of the post.

I thought the whole point was to read the post. Voting without reading the item first could lead to abuse of the system.

I also found when I tried to 'vote' on an item, I was receiving the 'error - you have already voted' ticket! This is on my first reading of a post!

I wanted to put the last paragraph as a separate post in the Writers Forum, but I seem to have lost my "Anyone can Post" box in the left column. I did send a message to Jon about it.

Comment by Cheryl J

July 5th 2009 03:58
I've lost that column too. I wondered about that Lis. Usually as soon as you comment you have voted but it seems strange that you are getting that message before you have commented at your first attempt to vote. Maybe a glitch?

Comment by Elisabeth Fraser

July 5th 2009 06:42
Thank you Cheryl, Now I know I'm not the only onewho lost their left column.

I really wanted to ask about the 'glitch' in the forum and couldn't.

It is odd, because when I wanted 'vote' on my partner's posts - it seems I already have!

It has also happened with some of my 'friends' posts.

To me, the present system is flawed and needs a very quick fix to...

I'm going with Bob and would like to see 1 point per reader, but make them read first.


Comment by Cheryl J

July 5th 2009 07:13
I think I know what your problem is Lis. If you are trying to vote on your partner's post but you're using the same computer, you have the same IP address. The system only recognises one vote per IP so that we can't vote for our own posts. It's to stop us from raising our ranking unfairly.

It seems there is a majority for the one point per vote. I'd love to see what would happen if Admin asked everyone to vote on their preference. Kind of a little Orble world referendum.

Comment by Robert Bruce

July 5th 2009 07:43
Lis and i do not use the same computer. We have one each. I am not as active on Orble as Lis is, as I have other commitments for a few months and may have more time after that. the voting system as is, in my mind, too easily abused for popularity points and should be discarded. However. it's up to the site owners to change as they see fit. I am just another writer with something to say.
Cheers and best wishes


Comment by Elisabeth Fraser

July 5th 2009 08:32
What Bob says is true, we only share the same modem, we're not using a wireless system at the moment, or the same printer. We've even installed separate ethernet cables.

I can't access any part of his laptop and he can't access any part of my PC. We have no crossing abilities. I've been in both the 'root' directories and 'cleaned' them.

We even have different email subscribers to this site.

So, I don't know what is happening. I can only put it down to a lack of ...

Comment by Robert Bruce

July 5th 2009 09:17
I can't vote for my friends as the system won't let me.When I try I get the message that says I have already voted.

Comment by Robert Bruce

July 5th 2009 09:17
I can't vote for my friends as the system won't let me.When I try I get the message that says I have already voted.

Comment by Robert Bruce

July 5th 2009 09:18
I can't vote for my friends as the system won't let me.When I try I get the message that says I have already voted.

Comment by Elisabeth Fraser

July 5th 2009 09:26

My Post beginning,

"Thank you Cheryl, Now I know I'm not the only onewho lost their left column."[unedited]

Got cut off before I made my real comment! I can't find the rest of it - but I did make a good point or two in it.

I will try and get the salient points together, and hopefully finish the thing.


Comment by Morgan Bell

July 5th 2009 12:32
hi guys,

two points:

1) IP addresses are allocated per modem not per computer, so usually everyone in the same house gets the same IP, sometimes different computers will have different IP extensions (eg: one user connected by ethernet, one by wifi) but generally you can not vote on posts that were created at the same modem

many MANY users have several accounts, it is designed to stop you voting for yourself under your other usernames/profiles

2) in order to see the "Post To This Blog - Clickhere" option on the Writers Forum you must be logged in, same with seeing the [Report] buttons . . . just click Login at the top right of screen and you should see all your options

hi Lis,

can you clarify what you mean by this:

It has also happened with some of my 'friends' posts.

are these 'friends' residing in your house and using your modem? or is this a euphamism for having alternate user accounts which you operate? (multiple identities)

if i had more information i may be able to help you

Comment by Cheryl J

July 5th 2009 12:52
Hi Morgan, thanks for clarifying the IP thing. I wasn't clear when I said computer, I should have said modem

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 5th 2009 14:59
hey Cheryl, thats ok, for most people computer and modem are one and the same unless you have a home network

Comment by Elisabeth Fraser

July 5th 2009 22:27

I only have the one account here, I couldn't cope with any more!

I meant the members on my friends' list. Just like Bob said further up the page

I am logged in and I still don't have the left column. It's been missing for about two weeks now.

Thanks Morgan,


Comment by Morgan Bell

July 6th 2009 00:06
hi Lis,

these are the people listed as your Orble Friends:

Tricia Benet
Robert Bruce
Aimee Dent

is the voting error happening with all of them?

are any of them posting using your internet connection (modem)?

Comment by Elisabeth Fraser

July 6th 2009 01:34
Hi Morgan,

Bob is my partner, and yes, we're using the same modem.

It not only happens with my friends, but on random posts as well.

It is, admittedly, a random occurrence - it comes and goes.

I'll go off and do some testing around the site and make a list. I'll start with a couple of yours

Thank you for your interest and your time spent.


Comment by Morgan Bell

July 6th 2009 01:40
well with each separate domain blog you have to Login again to vote with your full karma

but if you are getting an error message saying you have already voted thats a different story

if you and your partner, Robert Bruce, are on the same modem the votes to any post will only count the first time one of you clicks

so say Robert votes on my latest post and doesnt tell you, then you try to vote on it later, unaware he had previously voted, it would tell you (as you are on the same IP) that you have already voted, ie: your IP has already voted

i guess if you guys have similar taste you may overlap sometimes

Comment by Elisabeth Fraser

July 6th 2009 01:49
Morgan, thanks for the explanations.

I voted on Jon's new post - it went from 10 - 80!

Either something's wrong, or six other members clicked at exactly the same second I did!

This is getting very funny!

I quit! forget I'm having voting troubles, Morgan. It is taking up too much of your time. It's just a little irritation which you've helped solve in part. I'm happy with that.

I appreciate your time.

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 6th 2009 01:55
yeah i think everyone voted on that one at the same time - we all love hearing from Jon!

i dont mind helping people on the Writers Forum if i can, its a little community service i provide free of charge (well you can hit the "Donate" button on Deep Pencil if you are feeling really generous *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* haha)

i know sometimes there is a lag in responses from Admin, and im on here everyday, so if i know the answer i will try to share it

plus im laid-up in bed at the moment, so an Orble mystery is just the ticket to keep me entertained

Comment by Elisabeth Fraser

July 6th 2009 02:20
Get better soon Morgan, I saw your post


Comment by Elisabeth Fraser

July 6th 2009 02:20
Get better soon Morgan, I saw your post


Comment by Mathyotter

August 13th 2009 20:09
After just putting up 4 posts my Karma shoots up from a paltry 1 to a soaring 8 out of 10. This is indeed, very badly broken.

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